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Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Things have been moving forward fast and with great progress at The Wilbur! If you’ve driven across the Hill to Hill bridge, you may have seen one of our most exciting installments… the smiley face sculpture! To learn about the origin of our Smile, click here. We hope it brings everyone joy!

Our event center finally has four walls and a floor in place where we hope many future celebrations will be held! The ceiling is a beautiful wood in a welcoming warm tone. It slopes up towards an inviting wall of folding glass doors. These doors will open up onto the wraparound patio, expanding the indoor ballroom and sharing views of the Steel Stacks. Our front lawn, perfect for wedding ceremonies, will be an organically, natural curated landscape. Our dream is that, whether your celebration is in winter or summer, guests will feel connected to nature. The ballroom will be outfitted with modern light fixtures to keep the space clean and as malleable as possible. We want our guests to have a space where they are free to create the event of their dreams!

Inside the mansion things are getting exciting! We’ve begun painting, starting with the third floor and working our way down. Fresh coats of paint are making the original details of the mansion pop and bringing new life to the space! Each bathroom is garnished with original tile work that we are restoring and pairing with modern luxury showers, vanities and so much more. Our design team has been hard at work selecting modern furnishings that complement the timelessness of The Wilbur. Each space is already so unique and we want each detail to truly shine.

The vision we’ve been dreaming of for so long, is so close to being born! We are anticipating an early summer opening. We can’t wait to share The Wilbur with our community near and far!


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